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About DDF


Dragon Design Foundation (DDF) was established on the initiative of Mr. Lu Yongxiang, Vice-Chairman of the 11th National Congress of China. Dragon Design Foundation is China’s first foundation dedicated to the design sector. The vision of DDF is to support the growth of design talents, promote the development of design industry, and bring about a harmonious coexistence of nature and mankind.
Dragon Design Foundation carries out a series of activities targeted at the design community. Of the major programs DDF funds and is involved with, are Dragon Design Award, China’s Top Ten Youth in the Design Industry , China Design Contribution Award, Dragon Star Award. DDF also organizes China Design Festival ,China Design Forum, Annual Conference on the Development of China’s Design Industry, World Green Design Forum and a number of professional events. DDF actively explores new ways to promote cooperation between the business, the education & research communities in the design sector, with the aim of introducing scientific and technological innovations to the design industry, as well as, to the market. DDF also supports the development of industrial innovation bases in collaboration with local governments. DDF is committed to constructing a platform to promote communication amongst the design sector, support the development of design industry clusters and talents in the design field, as well as, the investment and corporate finance advisory services.
Dragon Design Foundation actively participates in China’s National Design Innovation” strategy and contributes to the development of China’s design industry through constructing effective communication channels, leveraging resources in the society and so forth.
Dragon Design Foundation believes that design innovation plays an important role in the economic development and social progress. We wish to make joint effort with all friends to construct an innovative China and a better world.


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