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2013-12-11 21:09:24 | DDF Award

Vice-Chairman Lu Yongxiang Visited New Plan in Shenzhen

On 29thJanuary, 2012, Lu Yongxiang, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of theNational People’s Congress, visited the leading industrial design companycalled Shenzhen New Plan with Tian Xiaohong, Vice Director of the GeneralOffice of Shenzhen People\'s Congress.

Duringhis inspection, Lu Yongxiang visited the exhibition hall for designachievements and creative environment, listened to the work report titled yesterday, today and tomorrow. When LuYongxiang knew the history and vision of the development of NewPlan, he said that because of design companies like New Plan, he was moreconfident that China’s design industry would gainhigher status in the international arena. Lu Yongxiang also said that he wasvery pleased to see China’s design companies won over ten DesignAwards of Red Dot and iF through competitions with foreigndesign companies, because this reflects the international competitiveness ofChina’s design innovative ability.

LuYongxiang had an in-depth discussion with designers of New Plan on China’sindustrial design, and the current stage and the future of New Plan. Heattached great importance with issues including personnel training and teammanagement, concepts for the value of design innovation, designs for strategicdistributions and development plans in creative design enterprises. ViceChairman Lu emphasized that China is shifting from a “big country ofmanufacturing” to a “powerful country of manufacturing”, and going forward to a“creative power”. Industrial design plays an important role in this process asit grasps opportunities for optimization, displays cultural influence,emphasizes team creativity, combines integrated multi-disciplinary componentsand promotes creative concept of environment protection, therefore, it willindeed be the leader of integrated innovation.

As aleading company in China’s industrial design, New Plan provides over 300enterprises with over 600 patent achievements. Theseachievements have been successfully industrialized and improved competitivenessof the products in service enterprises. Meanwhile, as a local design company inShenzhen, New Plan is vital in promoting industrial transformation and brandoptimization. Lu Yongxiang commended contributions New Plan made in thedevelopment of the industry; he also put forward his hope for the futuredevelopment of New Plan: New Plan should continue to serve as a leader and apillar in design field, become bigger and stronger, create China-designed worldfamous brands, give suggestions to Shenzhen Industrial Design ProfessionAssociation, China Industrial Design Association and the People’s Congress,serve as the leader in the development of China’s design industry, and makeShenzhen a design center in China, Asia and the world at large.

Therepresentative of New Design’s designers presented LuYongxiang with a sailing boat named Innovation designed and made by alldesigners of New Design to show their commitments to devote themselves todesign. With his inscription of founding a top rated design enterprise, Lu Yongxiangencouraged young designers in New Plan to play a vital role in shifting from“made in China” to “created in China”, and make contributions in developingChina into a prosperous and strong country.

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