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2013-12-11 21:50:24 | DDF Award

Four “top-10”s and their organizations are awarded “2012 CPCC Copyright Owner-top 10”

On Feb 27th, 2012 CPCC Annual Conferencewas opened under the guidance of National Copyright Administration of thePeople’s Republic of China.It is organized by Copyright Protection Center of China, co-hosted by Committeeof Copyright Society of China and Beijing Yonghe International CopyrightExchange. Leaders of Dragon Design Foundation DDFwere invited to attend the opening ceremony and awardcerermony.

2013 marks the beginning of theimplementation of the spirit of the 18th Party Congress. In thissession, our party sets the goal of attaching importance of protection of IPRand stresses that we need to speed up transforming the economic developmentpattern, carry out the strategy of innovation-driven growth and build aninnovative country. It requires that we need to “carry out the IPR strategy, strengthenprotection of IPR” and “pool the wisdom and strength of the whole society todevelop innovation”. At the same time, 18th Party Congress putsforward the major strategy of building a country with socialist culture andarranges the implementation of the strategy. All these major policies andarrangements set higher standards for our copyright protection. Having entereda new stage of copyright protection, we have transformed from focusing only on legalizationto attaching equal importance to legalization and law enforcement, fromprotection only to both protection and development, from part to both part andthe whole situation, from domestic protection work to domestic andinternational.

Under the guidance of the spirit of the 18thParty Congress, DDF actively recommends the candidates to judging committee asthe supporting organization of “2012 China Copyright Owner-top 10”. Among them, five win the award. Theyare Zeng Fengfei, the DDF-top 10 and famous clothes designer, Huang Weiming,the DDF-top 10 and famous cartoonist, Shanghai Ordifen Co.,Ltd., BeijingDongdao Co.,Ltd. and Beijing Band Co., Ltd.

In the annual conference this year, 10China Copyright Events are to be announced and many activities are to be held,including “The third Forum on DCI system - Application Leads IndustryCooperation”, “Symposium on Consulting Service System of Copyright AssetsManagement”, “Internet Copyright Alliance of China and Unveiling Ceremony” and “2013Annual Conference on National Copyright Exchange Market and Summit on CopyrightIntensive Operation”

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