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2013-12-11 22:39:08 | World Green Design Organization

Cooperation between China and Europe in Green development is Promising

  Xinhua News Brussels, Oct.18th, Jiang Yan
  Representatives who had participated in 2013 World Green Design Forum—Brussels Summit believe that, China has a strong substitution effect to Europe on matters of green technique and industries, and that green development can be a new growing point of both party’s cooperation.
  The Forum was held on Oct.18th in European Parliament, Brussels. The co-chairman of the Forum and Chinese State Department Counselor Shi Dinghuan pointed out at the opening that China will focus more on the ecological civilization construction, especially in green, recycling and low-carbon development. Europe is one of the most advanced areas in the global green technique and industry development, and is the place gathering a lot of high-tech corporations in lines of green energy, green building and smart grid. And China needs these high-techs to further its green development.
  The co-chairman of the Forum, European Parliament, the European Parliament EU-China Friendship Group Chairman, Mr. Nagi Deva said, China had made significant achievements in the field of green design in recent years, and becomes a greater impact in the globe; innovations of wind power and such had been publishing continuously. Europe and China should enhance cooperation to promote green develop, and thus contributes both sides’ economic development, even development in the globe.
  The representative of Chinese missions abroad to the European Union, Zhang Lirong said that, this year is the 10th year of Sino-EU comprehensive strategic partnership establishment. During the ten years, the relationship between China and Europe becomes closer, and the cooperation on green design field grows stronger. China and Europe will hold a series of important activities including the 16th Leader Meeting in Beijing, to picture mutually future cooperation. Figuring out the great cooperation potential on matters of green development and urbanization is also one of the important aspects of the cooperation.
  World Green Design Forum is held by China Dragon Design Forum, International Design Association, Europe-China Friendship Association, “Chinese Famous Brand” Magazine, and had held in Lugano, Switzerland, Belgium, Brussels, Yangzhou, China and Brussels, Belgium in succession since 2011.

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