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2014-04-03 16:18:33 | news update

Finnish Green Design- Finnish Designer Samuli Naamanka visited DDF

In the afternoon of 27th March, the Finland designer Mr. Samuli Naamanka visited DDF and shared his experience in green design.

Samuli Naamanka (born1969) is known as a versatile designer whose work combines carefully form with creative technical innovation. Environmental design and innovation are also his speciality. Patent inventions of Graphic Concrete, patterning and colouring technology for concrete surface are his groundbreaking works and his most recent development is the seat of the COMPOS chair - produced from 100% biodegradable natural composite fibre. Naamanka\'s works include the prize-winning Clash chair and Uni chair, which show his aesthetics and innovation in their structure. Naamanka\'s Graphic Concrete has been not only perfectly applied in his own design, but also widely used by architects in Europe, America, Japan and some other countries. By combining eco-friendly idea with high-tech, Naamanka contributes a lot to green design. He hopes that his green design products can also be accepted and used widely in China one day, and he believes green design idea will bring positive industrial and social influence to China by extensive cooperation and communication between Europe and China.

Finally, DDF invited Naamanka to participate in 2014 International Design Service Conference of CIFTIS (3th China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services) and World Green Design Forum Yangzhou Summit and gave Naamanka a series of green design products from the sponsor of 2013 World Green Design Forum Yangzhou Summit as a present. Naamanka was delighted to see such high-quality green material and products in China. He accepted our invitation with pleasure and expressed his willing to meet more green material & products manufactures, designers or architects in Yangzhou Summit or other events with the help of DDF.



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