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2014-04-03 16:28:22 | news update

“When technique meets fashion ” —DDF was invited by the Finnish ambassador to participate in 3D Print Accessory Show

For a long time, 3D-printing was treated as merely a technique product, while when it meets fashion, there is something new worth our attention. In the night of 28th Mar. 2014,DDF was invited by Mr. Gustafsson, the Finland ambassador, to participate in a private party held in the residency of Mr. Ambassador. Therefore, we had the chance to see the 3D Print Jewelry Show of the Finland designer Pekka Salokannel.

Pekka Salokannel is an international award-winning Industrial Designer from Finland whose passion lies in 3D printed product design. Salokannel graduated as BA in Industrial design at The Lahti Institute of Design, Finland. 2011 Salokannel joined in Tinkercad which is one of leading online 3D program for hobbyist. Early 2013 he started his company Fabrigate that is offering consultation and design services. Salokannel has been guest speaker and giving lectures in UK, Russia and Finland.

Salokannel is currently developing Colors of Birch that is 3D printed eyewear and jewelry focused fashion brand that has been exhibited at Paris Fashion Week and the 3D Print Show in London. The unique structure and lines combine with the technique show us the pursuit of originality of the designer, which is fascinating.

During the party, DDF has invited Salokannel to show Colors of Birch in 2014 International Design Service Conference of CIFTIS (3th China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services) and World Green Design Forum Yangzhou Summit. It will undoubtedly be a feast for eyes for the design, technique and fashion fans in Beijing and Yangzhou.

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