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2015-02-03 08:57:32 | news update

Speech in DDF(2014)Chinese Design Contribution Award-TOP10 Outstanding Youth Award Ceremony

I am very pleased to attend the ceremony of the tenth anniversary of the DDF Award and this year"'s awards in Tianjin Dong Li District. I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations for decade success, as well as congratulate previous DDF Award winners, especially ones of this year.
Its not easy for DDF to award outstanding young people in the design industry consistently.Design is a creative work and design is innovation,it literally relies on people"'s creativity, innovation, and even entrepreneurship. DDF has built its own characteristics in terms of awarding design talent and young ones,especially in recent years,it has began to cooperate with governments in some cities, including Tianjin Dongli District, as well as to promote green design parks, world green design forum, all of what DDF has done are in line with the overall trend of human civilization.
Design is the guide of all human"'s innovative practice activities.certain target is necessary before implementing innovative practices,it could be creative,planning, otherwise this practice might be blind. So the design could not only create new products, but also could either create a new technological process,or new equipment,or a new business model.meanwhile,design is also human"'s knowledge, information. and technology which could transform into practical productivity and the real value. The real value not only includes economic value, but also includes social values, cultural values, ecological value and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to implement innovative drive to enhance the innovative design capabilities, Dragon Design Foundation, China Industrial Design Association and other organizations are all dedicated to upgrade Chinese design capabilities, all of which are working together to make a very meaningful success.
With the support of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society,a number of design industry talents and I are ongoing research and development of innovative design strategy work, in order to further  understand the value of innovative design,and its characteristics in the new historical period,our national innovative capability,international competitiveness, sustainable development, and even public safety and national security; researches enhance China"'s innovative design capabilities, Because we recognize that in the past decade there was a huge change in the world and China, the world has entered into the era of knowledge and networks from the post-industrial era, China, has become the world"'s second largest economy and the world"'s first manufacturing country with rapidly sustainable development. China"'s economy has entered a new time, relying mainly on from investment factor to people"'s creativity and innovation-driven factors, concerning from amount increase to quality development of economy and structure optimization, focusing on improving people"'s lives,better employment and social distribution, building more harmonious society. It all relates to the innovation ability. A substantial increase in China"'s innovation investment, innovation ability have been significantly improved. our manned spaceflight, a network of high-speed rail, super EHV transmission, etc., we can say China has been integrated into the world advanced level in engineering, design innovation.
China"'s industrial design has made great progress, the number of chinese winners of IF Award and Red Dot award significantly is increasing. our established Red Star Award,  emphasising on rigorous evaluation procedures and high quality requirements, quality of award-winning projects were also significantly improved, all of these proud achievement  are our design industry elites efforts. But we also have to realize that Chinese design which holds the core technology in the products processes, systems and equipment, business model and the world"'s leading brand is quite few. China is a manufacturing country, but not a manufacturing big power country, Therefore, Chairman Xi Jinping, emphasised this May in Henan, China should strive to change from made in China to create in China, from speedy China to Quality China,from Chinese products from to Chinese brands. I think these "three changes" is the design and manufacture’s industry new tasks in the new historical period, the design industry talents should make effort to achieve the goals, work together and cooperate together.
From a global perspective, after entering into the industrial civilization, the design actually also experienced a number of significant changes. From the invention of the steam engine to the steam-powered machinery, all kinds of machinery, ships and other transportation"'s design were put into applications, then British is the first country to lead the first industrial revolution. afterwards,it is the invention of the motor, the design of the power system, the invention of the internal combustion engine, automotive aircraft design, the invention of atomic energy, nuclear power plant design and construction, and so on, all of which propelled the electrification times, it was the second industrial revolution. After the middle age of the last century, since the invention of semiconductors, integrated circuits, computer design and manufacturing, software design, etc., industrial era was coming. Design has evolved from mechanical design to mechanical and electrical design, literally evolved into mechanical and electronic integration and then the design. after the eighties of last century, the network was born, especially in the new century, the last ten to fifteen years,technological innovation,such as the information network technology revolution, the green revolution in intelligent manufacturing, clean and renewable energy revolution, biotechnology, materials, etc. ,put forward the world into a knowledge network era, the design also emerges the new features.
A brief summary, the design knowledge of the Internet era has the following characteristics:
The first is the "green low carbon." That means, the whole process of entire product life cycle should achieve the minimum damage to the environment, the emission of pollutants, carbon emissions should be at least achieve human civilization in harmony with the global environment and sustainable development.
The second is the "network intelligence.” Nowadays, the product, the manufacturing process and the service, have been different from the ones in post-industrial era. It is the world"'s knowledge, information, and large data’s integration and applications, Therefore,network intelligence product character is not mainly rely on its hardware, but on the software. the object of our design changes. the chip imports of foreign exchange has to pay 230 billion dollars a year, more than the value of imports of oil and gas, what is more,it  related with information security issues. from software design,to operating systems, simulation software, calculation software, control software and ERP software are all by foreigners, we only use all of them, this should be changed. Our gap in software design, may have long way to go than ones in the hardware.
The third is "share.” Nowadays,The design is not an independent process. The designers, manufacturers, marketers, including users can participate in the design creative process. it is indeed a public creation era. Premier Li Keqiang recently said in Zhejiang visit that it is the public innovative era. So, create, share, and win-win are characteristics of this era. Individual creativity of our designers today is still important, but it is not enough, you need a team,need to collaborate with peers around the world,and need to absorb innovative resources through large data, information resources around the world so that we could be able to create not only the market needed, but also to lead the future development of the market and the process of civilization of the world.
I wish DDF Award would have greater development and creativty in the next decade, furthermore, i sincerely wish all of you elites in Chinese design industry could undertake the historical responsibility with the guide of Chairman Xi’s “three changes", further understanding of innovative design’s new features,new meaning and new value. We need to work together to build Chinese innovative design culture. We need to think about what kind of innovative design culture is in China. For example, German design and manufacture remind us of rigorous and reliable, Japanese design and manufacture reminds us of its exquisite. What is America"'s design culture? I think it is innovation and leading. Americans always try to make the world leading products, likes civil use and national defense. We need to figure out what kind of Chinese innovative design culture, which is a big and important issue. Chinese innovative design development needs the whole society to work together. So I am particularly pleased to witness,at this moment, not only elites from design industry, but also ones from media and financial industry,participate this significant event. Industry, academia, research, media, as well as others all join in China"'s innovative design, work together to achieve the great prosperity of the Chinese dream and a better life the 1.3 billion people,moreover,make our contributions to the human being’s progress.
Thank you!
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