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2015-02-03 08:58:31 | news update

“DDF Awards\" 10th anniversary ceremony held successfully

With the support of Dongli District of Tian Jin,Tianjin Financial Assets Exchange, Taobao auction, Happy Valley Co Tianjin, China Global Public relations company, Rose Design Valley, CISO international consultants, Yangzhou Europathfinder international Expo.Co.,Ltd, and media partner Sina Home,the Chinese design industry innovation strategic alliances and Beijing Dragon Design Foundation jointly organized the 2014 (10th) DDF wards" ceremony at Tianjin Happy Valley on December 10, 2014.
“DDF Awards" was established in 2005, and it  was the first and only design awards which got approved by State Science and Technology Awards Office. Over the decades, “DDF Award” keeps to pursuit the goal of upholding design talents and fostering innovation model,and adheres to the principle of "fair, justice, public and commonweal”. consequently,this award has become China"'s most important Chinese design talent award in Chinese Design industry.
At the award ceremony, China innovative design industry strategic alliance chairman, honorary chairman of the Division of the Bureau of the Academy of Sciences, former president of Academy of Sciences, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Honours,academicians Mr. Lu Yongxiang, former executive vice ministers, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Eleventh National People"'s Congress, Chinese overseas talent development Foundation chairman Mr. Ma Wenpu, president of the China industrial Design Association, Mr. Zhu Dao, State Counselor, Chinese Academy of sustainable development strategy research group leader, chief scientist Mr. Niu Wenyuan, as well as the Xinhua News Agency, Beijing TV, Tianjin TV, Dongli District television and other media all attended the event to witness winners of the 2014 Chinese Design Contribution prize medal, silver medal,Chinese Design Industry TOP10 Outstanding Youth Award,the Tenth China design industry hundred young people Awards, and so on.
This year,it is the 10th year for “DDF Award", it experiences challenges again and again, as well as gains numerous achievement! in the next decade,there will be China"'s comprehensive deepening reform, restructuring and improving the quality and efficiency of development, accelerating the critical period of building an innovative country. China will also be designed to enhance the critical period from design 2.0 to design 3.0. Today"'s “DDF Award” is standing at a new start,”DDF Award" will fight for an ideal future and we should work together toward a better tomorrow!
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